Thursday, June 13, 2013

Give the gift of Flight

Summer soaring season is here!

Time to share the Love!

Still looking for that memorable, most excellent Father's Day gift, for Dad (or for yourself?)

How about a glider ride, or glider lesson?

A beautiful ride or aerobatics, hands on or hands off  whatever suits the new pilot.

Pure fun, and pure flying, you (or Dad) are gonna LOVE it!

In Southern California, at Warner Springs gliderport, Sky Sailing is offering a free video upgrade on Father's Day weekend. See their Facebook page for details.
Ask you local glider operator if they have any specials too! 

Fun for any age!

Here's how to get started:

You might be surprised that there is a soaring location near you.  For USA locations check out this page:


If you want to go in the lesson direction, check out the FAST program (Fly A Sailplane Today)
You can purchase that on-line and be ready to go in minutes.

The FAST package is a great value at $99. With your purchase you will receive:
  • An introductory lesson consisting of a minimum of 30 minutes of ground instruction and approximately 30 minutes of flight time.
  • A copy of "Everybody’s 1st Gliding Book".
  • A glider pilot logbook.
  • An introductory 3 month membership in the Soaring Society of America, including one copy of the monthly magazine Soaring.
Did you know that you only need to be 14 to solo a glider?  What a great gift for the young aviation enthusiast!  It's also an excellent foundation to build all future flying skills. 

 If you're already a license pilot, you might be surprised how quickly you can add that glider rating (no written test, Yea!)

Hope to see you out there!


    Karlene Petitt said...

    Bill, this is awesome! I'm doing it. We're getting ready to head out on our road trip... but will find someplace to soar! Can hardly wait. Thanks!

    Jeremy Carlisle said...

    This looks fun and I totally want to start doing this. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!