Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learn more about flying airplanes by flying gliders

I'd like to convince you to take a glider ride, or better yet: glider lesson, or even better yet, a glider rating. Like your mom might say: "It's for your own good."

Learning to fly a sailplane will supercharge your flying skills and knowledge. You will learn more about flying than you might expect.

It's not just an airplane without a motor. It's a whole different category of aircraft. It operates on the micro. The smaller aircraft, micro-meteorology (don't be scared), the slow end of the speed scale, and attention to detail.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scared Yourself Lately?

The hanger flying stories all start out: "There I was, two turnin', two burnin', inverted, shaking like an out of balance washer on spin. Was I scared? Naaahhh, OK, a little apprehensive, maybe..."

When's the last time you were scared in an aircraft? I got a dose the other day, but I'll have to put my pride on the shelf for a few minutes to tell about it. After all, we never lose our cool, right?